The first SUItable Table on SUI



who is carpentarer?

We built a very sturdy table..
Well maybe the right legs turned out a bit thin, but we think its SUItable.


Table offers an expanding suite of Tools.
80% of the income generated by selling tools or Advertising Revenue will flow into Table Treasury, and will be used for Marketing, adding Liquidity and Table Burns.

Sui New Pairs Bot

Introducing Sui New Pairs Bot - Your Source for the Latest SUI Pool Launches! 🚀

Key Features:
🔔 Instant Notifications: Be the first to know about new SUI pool launches.
💡 Valuable Insights: Access Token Descriptions, Trade Info, and more.
💼 Advertising Opportunities: Promote your project and support the $TABLE Treasury.

Join us on SuiNewPairsBot and stay ahead in the world of SUI pools! 💎🌐📢

Sui New pairs Bot

Table BuyBot

Introducing Table BuyBot - Your custom Go-To for Dex Trade Alerts! 🤖📈

Key Features:
🔔 Real-Time Alerts: Get instant notifications on Dex trades, right in your Telegram.
💬 Community Commands: Let members use custom commands to connect with your project.
📊 Buyer Stats: Access important information like Buyer Stats, Wallet Details, Transaction History, Charts, and Social Media links.

Get your own custom BuyBot for your project and stay in the loop with real-time Dex trades! 💰🚀📢

Order Table Buybot


UPDATE: We are live on dexscreener. Thanks to all the Chads who donated!
LP Tokens Burned! 
Proof of burn:

Ownership renounced!
Proof of renounce:

Note that buying a TABLE, even a suitable one, involves risks. 
Buy at your own risk! This is solely for fun and giggles!

STEP I - Setup a SUI Wallet like ETHOS
ETHOS WalletETHOS Wallet Chrome Extension
STEP II - Send some SUI to your wallet from a centralized Exchange, or bridge using services like Portalbridge
Portal Bridge
STEP III - Buy Table on Bluemove DEX
Bluemove DEX

The concept of "Table" mentioned here is purely fictional and intended for humorous or satirical purposes only. It does not represent any real investment opportunity, asset, or financial instrument. Investing in "Table" or any similar fictional entities is not only impractical but also carries significant risks.

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